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Whether you're taking pre-workout, protein, or making some other healthy cocktail we have the best bottle for you. With a constant reminder that you're worth the weight, stay on track with your health and fitness goals during your lifts or on your morning jog.


*holds up to 28 fl oz*

"Worth the Weight" Bottle

  • Cleaning:

    • Wash before first and after each use. Trust us if you really want to test your gag reflux don't wash or rinse it for a week.
    • Hand-wash using warm water and soap.
    • Bottles are top-rack dishwasher safe.
      • *Remove wire whisk before dishwashing.*


    Removing Odors:

    • Fill bottle with warm water, a small amount of vinegar, and a few drops of dish soap and allow to sit overnight with flip-cap open.



    • Always hold bottle flip-cap closed while shaking.
    • Not made to use with carbonated beverages, but if you're trying to pop bottles then go ahead.
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