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Trading Hours for Hours

In the US, the average life expectancy for a male is 76 years, while for a female is 81 years. While this might seem great, the truth is although our life expectancy may be increasing, the quality of life is not following suit. Why is this? Simply, it is due to an increase of sedentary lifestyles; i.e sitting behind a computer screen or watching TV for hours, spending too much time scrolling on social media accounts, and ultimately wasting away precious daylight. While technology has made things significantly easier and is currently the leading medium for communication and entertainment, an issue has risen much like the overall climbing electricity bills in America.

The time we spend gluing our faces to these screens and becoming one with the Matrix could be spent performing activities more productive for healthy and sustainable living. Taking a few hours out of each day to exercise or cook healthy meals makes a positive – lasting impact on our body that can easily result in less doctors visits later down the road and lead to more amazing experiences this world has to offer. From a business standpoint this all boils down to basic economics where one thing is traded for another. In this case, you are trading time for time.

That might be a little confusing, but is easy to explain. When you spend hours binge watching Netflix episodes of a new series while eating your favorite bag of chips you are slowly “chipping “away at your quality of life in your later years. Alternatively, when you devote 1 or 2 hours to exercise or preparing a nutritional diet, you’re feeding your healthier future. Ultimately, everything in life is give and take, thus you have to decide how you are trading your hours for years.


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