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Timelines, Not Deadlines

In today's age, especially in the US, we focus so much on time. How long will it take to complete one task so we can move on to another. This monochromatic view of life can be effective at getting things done, but when this mindset influences how we perceive our successes and achievements we in time start feeling unaccomplished. Why is this? A "one perfect time" state of mind translates to living a binary life. A life where tasks are either complete or unresolved, with no in-between. You can imagine how this could dictate whether someone believes they have made progress towards a certain goal, especially when it relates to fitness.

For one to become motivated to exercise there has to be a discrepancy between their current and ideal state. The distinction between the two can lead to feeling that one is unsuccessful or unable to achieve their ideal state. The issue that many people run into when they begin a new workout regime is the lack of patience they have and their lack of willingness to wait for results to show. Let's say an individual desires to have a six-pack by the end of winter, but they have no idea how long it takes for one's body to properly adjust and adapt to a change in their new routine. After only two weeks they notice little to no results, but instead of imagining their progress as a continuous timeline they view it binarily as a deadline. Fitness goals should always be continuous and responsive to your current state. If you reach a goal, another version must take it's place. This ensures you are always maintaining or progressing along a timeline and not using that one cruise vacation or wedding day as a deadline. Deadlines work in many scenarios, but when it comes to fitness and health, in order to be happy, you must work through a timeline. This creates a more sustainable and enjoyable future.


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