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Strength of Mind

“Meathead,” “Guido,” “Gymrat...” these are among some of the unflattering words used to describe males frequently go to the gym. Although lifting and fitness have maintained some of their male-focused comradely, there has been a shift to focus on women’s health and even the benefits of physical activities on mental health. The self-confidence that is born when one becomes fully invested in their health and well-being propels them in the direction to keep moving forward. This momentum builds continuously upon itself and eventually snowballs into a mass of self respect and achievement. These factors not only benefit the subject’s physical health, but also greatly improve their state of mind.

I once lived a life where depression and low self esteem governed my actions. I was occasionally anti-social and had no sense of worth or achievement. When I got into lifting my whole life changed for the better, so much even that now my hobbies and dream career all revolve around exercise and it’s implications on physical and mental health. Our body runs on a continuous cycle where happiness is acquired by tending to the needs of our mind, body, and soul. I currently focus on the former two and try my best to motivate people’s mind to improve their body. When you transition your brain’s workings from seeing faults to seeing opportunities, a whole new world is presented in front of you.  This leads me to stand behind my new found philosophy, “the strength of the mind can bring peace to the body.”

I implore anyone reading this to look at themselves in the mirror and discover the many opportunities that exist from simply being alive and able to make a change.


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