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Motivation as a foundation

“Rome wasn’t built in a day.” A quote we’ve all heard hundreds, if not thousands of times regarding having the patience to achieve a goal. Rome indeed was not built in one day, nor were the buildings and skyscrapers we see in the cities. What came first was in fact the foundation, a stable ground of which greatness was built. “Your body is a temple,” yet so many believe the blueprints can be made, ground-workings laid, and overnight its establishment enacted with the brick and mortar of a weak resolve. Do not fall prey to this mindset as you will also fall short of true success.

Hard work and time are what build great structures and bodies. Before work gets done, the mindset of a highly motivated individual sparks the dedication to commit and achieve. When it is time pick your fitness goals, focus on 3 types; a short-term, intermediate, and long-term goal. The short term goal should be anywhere from one month to three months out from your starting point, it should be attainable and measurable, and not too difficult to achieve. Your intermediate goal should be more difficult that the last, and take anyway from four months to an entire year to acquire. Your long term goal should be set many years away from where you are, even if that goal includes maintaining a previous goal.

When you think of these goals daily and how they connect to each other, you are laying down the base of your long-term motivation. Eventually having that drive to achieve more for your health will feel so natural that everything will seem possible.  You will no longer doubt if it will happen, but when you will make it happen. That is the first step to fulling life with many pleasant surprises.

Your motivation should always come first, well before you take any action towards a goal. If not, every step you take is a gamble on your chances of success or failure. Metaphorically speaking, what came first was neither the chicken nor the egg, but the foundation from where they were placed upon.


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