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Imagine that

Imagine waking up. Imagine deciding to change one part of yourself today. Imagine jogging outside for 30 minutes, 5 times a week. Imagine eating healthier foods, yet still being about to treat yourself every weekend. Imagine having kids, taking them outside and playing with them at their pace. Imagine watching them graduate middle school, then high school, then college. Imagine them having kids, your little grand-kids running around. Imagine you're running with them, cooking them good meals, and treating everyone to ice cream every Saturday... maybe even Sundays. Imagine that even at an old age you keep waking up feeling great. Imagine this is all possible... why shouldn't it be? Imagine this is a version of your life. A healthy one, in fact, the healthiest you that you can be.

The possibilities and scenarios of your life are not set in stone or laid out. With this new year ahead, you pave the road and reap what you sew. For example, the seeds of a weekly 30-minute jog can blossom into a rewarding tree, and that tree bears the fruits of your labor. Your life should be long, exciting, and eventful. It should be full of energy and vigor testing time itself and prepared for many more fruitful new years. No one expects to live forever, but why should life be cut short because of preventable causes all due to a sedentary lifestyle. We mustn't make dreams of a better life, we should take our hands and feet to make the life we dream of. Make one significant change in your lifestyle today, and you can embrace the benefits for the many tomorrows and years to come... imagine that!

Happy New Year!


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