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While our #1 mission is to keep you motivated, we also know that having a plan in place is fundamental to living a healthy life. With our online program, we design individual programs that provides you the flexibility to work towards your goal, with guidance from us, from anywhere in world.

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workout plan

Everyone has different goals and expectations when it comes to their health. We make sure that your fitness coach creates a workout that fits your schedule, addresses your needs in order to reach your specific version of success.

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Maintaining a healthy diet is one of the keystones of feeling and looking great. We will provide you with the knowledge of how to track your calories and macros along with other nutritional tips to keep you on the right track!




& contact

One of the biggest advantages of utilizing our online trainers is that they're practically always available. By being able to receive answers to quick questions in mere minutes and engaging in weekly check-ups, your road to achieving optimal health could never be easier.

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Brandon Brown

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Picture a kid who never played on a sports team for more than two months and whose only hobby was playing video games for hours on end. That kid was me for a solid 17 years of my life. Until I got to college at UCF in Orlando I really had no idea how to lift weights or how to gain or lose weight effectively. I came in at a mere 145lbs and now, six years later weigh in at 185lbs with around 10% bodyfat— talk about growth! During my time in college, I learned from those around me, spent hours researching different training methods online, and eventually received my NASM Personal Training Certification.


I have loved every aspect of exercising from the confidence it builds to the stress it relieves. Through my passion for fitness, I started this brand, Gympatient™, to help motivate and educate others on the many benefits that a healthy mind and body can offer. My belief aligns with the core of Gympatient itself, we must be patient, we must be motivated, and through all, we must be consistent. The goal of each and every person I train is to transform their mindset along with their body so they may live a long, sustainable, and healthy life. If you're interested in taking the first step of changing your life for the better, apply below!

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