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The name Gympatient could be considered a double entendre.

Both meanings are equally as important in shaping what Gympatient, as a whole, represents.


The first is the act of being patient. We are a firm believer of consistency and the time it takes to make a great change in one's habits and quality of life. This applies to everyday situations and especially to those looking for improvements in their body through exercise and healthy eating. Those without the dedication to commit the time it takes to notice improvements fall prey to "quick fixes" that will only harm them in the long run. Alternatively, those with patience will in time reap the rewards of their hard work and determination.

What is                       ?


The results we desire most often come from months and years of hard work. When we embrace the time it takes to achieve our wants and needs we gain a higher level of appreciation for the outcome.


Embedded in the name itself, Gympatient stands to remind you of the time it may take to look and feel how you want, but it will be worth the wait.


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